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Current line-up:
Vocals, Guitar: Alexandra Pawlitka
Lead Guitar: George Robinson
Bass: Greg Ewens
Drums: Scott Lazenby

Astrophe, the 'uplifting melody-soaked danceable indie rock'n'rollers' are a band that originated in Perth, Scotland.

Led by Alex Pawlitka, Astrophe draw on inspirations that are rarely limited to the alternative rock genre they play. The project was started by Pawlitka in 2012 as an outlet for her to write and perform her own material. Through the following years the project began to grow and the project turned Astrophe into a collaboration driven 4 piece, dissecting and rearranging each other’s ideas. The band’s first recording Limerence was released as a single on 24th June 2017.


From early 2017 Astrophe have been playing gigs regularly across Scotland supporting local bands and headlining their own shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth.

With their new EP Something Left Of Home, Astrophe continues to develop and grow their sound by providing the definitive versions of songs spanning the entirety of the band's history.

With more melody-packed and lyrically colourful shows on the way, Astrophe show no signs of slowing down.

"Incredibly promising and
harmonically touching"

                                                             - Slow Dragon Music

"Uplifting melody-soaked danceable
indie rock'n'rollers"

                                                             - Make-That-A-Take Records

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